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convertible studio
Practice for psychotherapy and high sensitivity
Marjolein Wijnand 
Psychotherapy practitioner
                              You only change what you accept  (CG Young)

More and more people don't feel comfortable with the classic therapy methods and are looking for alternative forms of personality development . Where classic therapies primarily support cognition and tend to confirm the patient's problems, they often do not bring about any real change in the patient himself.  


The approach of Psychosynthesis Therapy (Psyche & Synthesis) starts right there. It is a form of positive psychology . It opens the door to body consciousness. 80% of what we know about ourselves is in the body. Mindful body work, imagination (inner images), contact with partial personalities and creative expression bring this knowledge back into consciousness.  

Do you have a concern that is currently bothering you, or one that has been with you for a long time? Do you want to feel free and feel your joy ?  I will accompany you in my private practice in Cologne  convertible studio ,  as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy , psychosynthesis therapist and systemic therapist, nature and hiking coach ,  at  your steps.  

the  The core of my therapeutic work is to initiate change . That means getting stuck, that which is not in flow , to get it flowing again. Where things are not going well in your life, you are not (yet) sufficiently connected to yourself. self-awareness and self-care  key in transition.
I support you  periods of upheaval,  professional reorientation, mental stress and exhaustion (burn-out), boredom and under-challenged (bore-out),  conflict and bullying,  physical aches and pains, separation, sleep and concentration problems, fears, depressive moods, feelings of guilt, anger, grief, contact and relationship problems, family entanglements, questions of finding meaning and life, questions of belonging. High sensitivity and high intelligence are my specialty.

Call me or send me an e-mail to ask initial questions or a  Initial consultation of 60 minutes to be arranged in my practice in the Belgian Quarter in Cologne. You can ask your questions. I'll explain how I work.

I look forward to getting to know you personally!

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