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Psychotherapy practice

Marjolein Wijnand  

Psychotherapy practitioner


Brussels Street 94 (courtyard)

50672 Cologne

Phone:  0171.2971723


Foto Brabanter Straße IMG_4108_edited.jpg


my practice  for psychotherapy  Wandelatelier is located in a quiet backyard in the Belgian quarter of Cologne. In the triangle of Stadtgarten, Friesenplatz and Brussels Square.


You can reach me easily by public transport and by car. There are several parking garages nearby.

Appointments can  arrange by phone or email .


Please leave a message on my voicemail if you cannot reach me directly. I'll be in touch shortly. You will quickly get an initial appointment .

I usually treat Mondays through Fridays.


I also offer working people, limited, appointments after work or on Saturdays.

I also work online , meet you for a walk and talk outside in nature or in the garden  home visits .

Therapy Languages  are German _ _ _  English  and  n Dutch .

I look forward to getting to know you personally!​ 

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