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As a graduate journalist , I wrote about topics such as oppression, genocide, trauma and loss of identity after serious conflicts in the Middle East (South-East Turkey, North Iraq) and East Europe (Bosnia). I described the suffering of the people and their struggle for individual and cultural autonomy. In the foreground the longing for freedom and the potential possibility of individual and social change. I also published about professional trauma in journalists after foreign assignments.  


As an international peace worker and mediator , I later dealt with social and cultural conflicts, trauma and opportunities for social change in Kosovo and Nepal.  


In my practice in Cologne  Wandelatelier , today I support adults as a therapist and coach  in their personal development and their steps of change.  


in the  Convertible studio, dem inner space for your personal change ,you can look at your current life topic together with me in a protected atmosphere.  They become aware of the core of their concern. I'll help you to get things moving and encourage you to uncover obstacles and develop your unique potential.

I work integratively , with complementary procedures, depending on the issue and your personal dynamics.  As your therapist, I am a clear mirror to you . I symbolically carry a lantern . I'll light the way for you. At the end of the path you can carry the light on yourself.

I look forward to getting to know you personally!

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