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treatment spectrum

Experience difficulties related to their  high sensitivity  or  high intelligence ? I support you in fully accepting your personality trait and living your gift. I support you on the following topics:


  • Identity insecurity/self-doubt

  • Sensitivity/overstimulation

  • contact and relationship problems

  • arouse conflict/discomfort/offence

  • anxiety and depression

  • Loneliness/Belonging Issues

  • Attachment issues/Family entanglements

  • Self-acceptance/self-love

  • Boundlessness/Too much on the move outside/Limits

  • Burn-out (exhaustion/overload)

  • Self care / self care / self care

  • mindfulness/relaxation

  • Bore Out

  • Questions of competence/exploration of own competence gifts

  • conflicts in the workplace

  • Bullying/conflict management/self-assertion

  • Professional purpose/professional break/dream job

  • Phases of upheaval/reorientation

  • Questions of finding meaning and life

  • life tasks/spirituality

  • Diagnosis of comorbid mental disorders

  • misdiagnosis

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